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Graphic Design - Virtual
$25.00/hr - use up to 25% in points

Need something designed? Doesn't matter if the project is big or small or intended for ...

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Personal Project Management - Redmond, WA or Virtual
$50.00/hr - use up to 0% in points

Do you wish you had an executive assistant or a project manager for your life or home? ...

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Custom-Made Paintings for Interior Design - Chicago, IL or Vi...
$10.00/hr - use up to 10% in points

When you enter someone's home, one of the biggest signs of their taste is the art they ...

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Spiritual Mentor - Lake Oswego, OR or Virtual
$70.00 - use up to 100% in points

My service is meant for people who are READY. Ready for a change in their life, or are ...

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Yoga Instructor | Guided Meditation - New York, NY or Video Chat
$100.00/hr - use up to 20% in points

I am a certified yoga instructor for both children and adults and have experience teach...

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I Can Type Up A Paper For You - Portland, OR or Virtual
$20.00/hr - use up to 10% in points

I'm a pretty fast typer. If you have some info written that you need to be typed up, I'...

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