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What are Karma P̅oints?

Karma P̅oints are an important part of the MyPeople community so that the gig economy can be accessible to all. Karma P̅oints are earned every time you book a service or someone else books your service. You can spend them like you would spend real money on the site. Each Karma P̅oint equals $1 and most of the helpers on our site accept some of their fee in Karma P̅oints so that you can save money on booking your services with them.

Why would someone accept Karma P̅oints?

Not everyone can afford to book others for help or are not allowed to earn actual money because of other benefits they receive. Many people would rather accept Karma P̅oints so that they can exchange them for booking others on the site.

Can you give me an example of how Karma P̅oints have been used in real life?

Sure! Our own Founder & CEO uses her Karma P̅oints all the time and here is a real life example: Melissa booked Brooke to provide her with delicious weekly meals for her family. Melissa spent the Karma P̅oints she earned from that purchase to book Michael to do some video editing. Michael used those Karma P̅oints he just earned to book Gavin to do graphic design for a t-shirt he was creating. You can also gift your Karma P̅oints to others and pay the goodness forward!

How can I increase my earnings?

The most common reasons people have given us for not booking is that they don't have enough information about the person who is providing the service. To increase your chances of getting booked, please add a clear and professional profile photo, update your profile with a heading and blurb, provide a service photo that depicts you actually providing the service you are offering, and provide a clear description in your service listing so people know ecactly what to expect when they request to book you.