A Young Aspiring Filmmaker Getting His Start Far From Hollywood



With time and perfectionism on his side, Michael Strawn's side hustle is destined to become his career.

Michael has been paying attention to the details in videos and films since he was a little child. While the other kids were singing along or drowsing off, he was noticing the lighting or the position of the camera. So as soon as he could, he started teaching himself how to create and edit videos – editing software, gaming videos for YouTube, audio mastering and mixing – and all before he was old enough to vote, because he still isn’t. When he finally got his hands on professional-grade video equipment in high school, he began making short films and interviews, both for himself and others.

Finding MyPeopleNow.com wasn’t too difficult for Michael. The founder of the site, Melissa Strawn, is his mother. But it wasn’t mom who hired him for his first professional videography gigs. He’s done seven so far, including one for Leanna the life coach. And many more are coming.

“I want to make videos for the rest of my life, to reach the Hollywood level of making videos,” he says. “I’ll be going to a school for video production this summer, and I want to do it in college too. With the money from MyPeopleNow bookings, I’m going to buy my own equipment. In five years, I see myself working on commercials for companies, the sorts of ads that you see on YouTube.”

And Michael is a perfectionist. His editing process doesn’t end until the final product satisfies him. That might take a few hours or a few all-nighters. It might be over a detail that seems insignificant to the rest of us civilians. But that’s the nature of a self-made artist.

“I’m passionate about making art, I want to perfect my craft, and I love being able to help people achieve their vision of what a video should look like,” he says. “So going as far as necessary or taking as long as necessary to find the best in each project is just a function of all that.”