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Film Making | Interview Videos - Kirkland, WA or Virtual
$50.00 - use up to 100% in points

I can make you a short film and/or can edit video footage and integrate voice-overs. I ...

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Videographer For Hire - Lynnwood, WA
$30.00/hr - use up to 50% in points

Hello out there, Do you need a videographer for a special event - maybe your wedding...

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Filming - Portland, OR
$30.00/hr - use up to 50% in points

I do odd jobs for individuals looking for someone to film an event for them....It can b...

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Videographer | Video Editor - Portland, OR
$45.00/hr - use up to 5% in points

I will gladly video or edit your next media project. I can shoot in 4k, HD, or SD. I ca...

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Video or Audio Production | Commercials - Everett, WA Or Vir...
$100.00/hr - use up to 15% in points

If you need a video, short film, slideshow, or any kind of promo or video production.. ...

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Creative Mind - Seatac, WA
$200.00 - use up to 60% in points

I can help with pretty much anything needed like social media, translating Somalia to E...

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Videographer | Editor - Martinez, CA
$300.00 - use up to 50% in points

I’m a videographer/editor living in the Bay Area. I’ve been in the business for 30 year...

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Producer | Director | Creative - Seattle, WA
$100.00/hr - use up to 0% in points

Highly experienced producer/director with proven track record of delivering high-end vi...

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Photography - Watsonville, CA
$200.00 - use up to 25% in points

Family photography, senior portraits, outdoors, celebrations, weddings, or just capturi...

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Singing - Concord, CA
$150.00 - use up to 50% in points

I am an aspiring singer, actress, model, and comedian.

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Movies Extra - Atlanta, GA
$400.00/hr - use up to 20% in points

I can help being an movie Xtras Etc.. For any an all types of movies tv shows an sitc...

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Acting | Extra | Crew - Forest Park, GA
$20.00/hr - use up to 50% in points

I'm 21 years old and I work as a cook both at IHOP and Waffle House. I have experience...

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Modeling | Video Shoots | Photo Shoots | Actress
$100.00/hr - use up to 50% in points

Hello, I’m Quala - I also go by Caramel. I am into modeling, acting, and traveling. I ...

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Modeling | Travel | Promotion - Folsom, CA
$50.00 - use up to 50% in points

Hi, my name is Unity. I would like to do something with singing, modeling, traveling, a...

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Elle’s Beauty - Everett, WA
$100.00 - use up to 50% in points

I am a self taught make up artist. I do cosmetics and theaterical. I’ve worked for comp...

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Graphic Designer | Photographer | Videographer - Lake Charles...
$45.00 - use up to 50% in points

I am a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer.

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Product Photography & Videography - Burnett, WA
$50.00/hr - use up to 50% in points

Professional product photography, product 360 videos, and marketing videos with over a ...