Declutter House - Kirkland, WA

  Needs to be done by 06/30/2019
  Offered pay: $15.00 + 15 Karma Points per hour
  Duration of this gig: At least 1 hour(s). Up to 8 hour(s).
This gig needs to be done in person.
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About this gig

We have a large family home (5 kids, 3 adults) that gets cluttered quite often! We need someone to come regularly (every 10 days or so) to help us pick up random stuff, unclutter piles of toys, clothes, and other odds and ends, and help us organize stuff. This doesn't involve any deep cleaning, washing, scrubbing, etc. - it is purely for help with decluttering.

About Melissa S

I am originally from Santa Cruz, CA and moved up to the Seattle area about six years ago. I love helping connect people to the resources they need to get ahead and I also have a weird obsession with paperwork and handling bureaucracy.

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