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Helping others is my passion!!

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Hello! I am a social entrepreneur and that means I create solutions to social problems by using business platforms to solve or fund the solution!

This is what actually got me into web design and Pinterest! Now that I have 3 years experience I would like to help others by offering my services.

Let's connect I would love to see how I could help, or how we could benefit each other! more

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Business Services, Virtual Assistance - Remotely
Pinterest specialist | Pinterest marketing | Pinterest Manage...
$30.00/hr — Use up to 1% in points

Pinterest could help to get your content in front of thousands of people, but so many b...

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Business Services, Web Design - Remotely
Web Design | Web Hosting | Web Management
$30.00/hr — Use up to 1% in points

With the way our society is progressing, businesses that do not take advantage of the o...