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About JAY

Business writer with 25+ years experience


About JAY

Business writer with 25+ years experience


Seasoned business Writer/Consultant with 25+ experience in business narrative, business plans, public relations, web copy, communications, white papers, case studies, and sales propositions.

Why I am the best person for your project:

I have consulted for or developed plans for clients in over 500 industries, including startups, multi-national corporations, and non-profit organizations. I know how to develop a successful plan regardless of your stage of growth or type of business.

Don't just document your ideas on paper. I conduct market research and collaborate with you to create strategies for you to succeed in today's environment and over the long-term.​

Experience is the best hire. With 25+ years in business consulting I can create good value propositions creatively, and outside the box if needed.

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Advice - Worldwide
Career Coach/Resume Consulting/LinkedIn Profile
$150.00 - $500.00 — Use up to 100% in points

Named "Best Resume Writer" by The Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career C...

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