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Quality is the key to great achievements

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About Eric

Quality is the key to great achievements

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I always talk about a negotiated price for the work I do fulfill.

athletic 160 pounds brown hair n eyes and tattoos from a dark life I left behind for the family my wife and I made.

Kay and I have been married 8 years now and have a lil doggy named muffin.she came into my life after my wife had a miscarriage with our twins. So for work I e done mostly everything high demand.ive been a fry cook at places like cpt d's, hardees,bk,McDonald's I've do e short order restuarant grill cooking working for Waffle House .I learned my great work ethic working at waffle house being there for as long as I was showed me how to walk and talk like I owned the joint and I learned it as a professional would act.then as of 18 I started construction base work starting g as a electricians helper working alongside of my beloved father may he rest peacefully and after a year decided to see what fit me best.i jumped from trade to trade at about every 6 months until I decided to rethink things and try a totally different approach again!so that's the point in witch I found my calling on in this life,and it was being an arborist and a independent contractor who is not trying to make a million dollars but rather just put 3 square meals on the plate for a family of 4 haha.any way I started as a grounds keep working at a run of the mill Joe shmoe shade tree landscaping company and there I learned the tools and equipment of course also how to maintain the equipment properly also that man happen to unintentionally teach me how to properly bid a landscaping job whether it be hardscape lawn maintenance aeration weed control or what ever I could out a fair price on the work.well it made me happy to know I was am expert at a trade finally not the money was just not quite enough for me at that time so that's when I looked into the tree industry and that's where I still am today working as a grounds man and learning how to professionally be a climber for a commercial tree company

I love my life

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Wellness, Companionship - Kennesaw, GA
Side kick
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I will literally be your right hand man, your best friend, the weight of your shoulders...

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Licensed Services, Landscaping - Kennesaw, GA
Lawn care
$60.00 — Use up to 15% in points

I have been an arborist for 4 years now and am professional in my work. I just don't h...

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