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I'm a 'Jack-of-all-Trades' with many skills in various catagories

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Hi, I'm Kyle and I hold many different skills that are exceptionally useful. My best set of skills include: Customer Service. Sales and Marketing: Retail, Affiliate Marketing, Luxury Sales, Sales Rep, Brand Ambassador, Demonstration (Demo Sales). Writing: Article and Blog Writing, Creative Content, Blurbs, Copy Writing; Genres: Non-Fiction, Instructional Writing, Religion/Spirituality, Alternative/Holistic Medicine, Advice/Insight, Lifestyle Blogger and Influencer. Clerical Work: Personal/Office Assistant, Scheduling and Appointment Setting, Errands/Small Tasks/Personal Services. Communication and Telecommunications: more

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Wellness - Los Angeles, CA
Learn How to Meditate: Beginner's Minds
$20.00/hr — Use up to 50% in points

I have been meditating for many years and have become proficient enough to teach a few ...

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Life Coaching, Advice - Los angeles, CA, 90038
Get your professional authentic tarot card reading from a pro...
$50.00 — Use up to 20% in points

Hi my name is Kyle thanks for checking out my tarot reading service. I have been studyi...