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Hello All! My name is Bea. I've been a personal assistant, Manager and a successful Business Owner. I know what it takes to get the job done and I do it 120%, or not at all. I treat all jobs the same because they all require my focus and utmost attention.

I'm detail-oriented and a perfectionist in everything I do. Use my Type A personality and OCD to your advantage! Don't delay and hire me now to get the help you need.. more

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Errands, Business Services - Dallas, GA
Errands (grocery shopping, clothes shopping, mail/shipping, p...
$15.00/hr - $30.00/hr — Use up to 10% in points

When you book me for the errands services, I will run your errands for you, so you don'...

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Organization, Advice - Dallas, GA
Interior Decorating/Design
$100.00/hr - $400.00/hr — Use up to 10% in points

When you book me for Interior Decorating/Design, I will help you decorate any space in ...

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Organization, Business Services - Dallas, GA
Organization (any organizing needs in the office, closet, kit...
$50.00/hr - $200.00/hr — Use up to 10% in points

When you book me for any type of job that you need to get organized, you can expect pro...