Hey, I'm Leanna! - “Do you feel a change in the wind?”

“ Sometimes we don't know the reason, but there feels like there is a change coming. Our lives are going well, but know there is something missing. I love empowering people with clarity and helping them to let go of anything that is stopping them from having the life of their dreams! If you have always loved personal growth, see the value in it, please watch some of my videos to get a better feel for who I am and what I do! Thank you! ”

Leanna's Services (3)

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I Am Home - Anywhere
$45.00 - use up to 100% in points

What are YOU wanting out of life?!?! It is possible! This is a group experience whe...

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Life Coach - Let's Do This Together! - Portland, OR or Virtual
$447.00 - use up to 20% in points

If you are here on the MyPeople site, there must be something that intrigues you about ...

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Life Coach - Ignite a Spark within yourself! - Portland, OR o...
$70.00 - use up to 100% in points

What is Life Coaching? What I love about Life Coaching is that it is different for ...