Hey, I'm Sandra! - “Eco Artist | Mom”

“ I love doing art that connects me with nature and enriches my soul. I also love helping and encouraging others and teaching them how to create art they'll enjoy. My adult son has developed epilepsy several years ago which has made it so I cannot work outside the home. Booking me helps me support him and provide him with the most fulfilling life possible. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sandra.strawn.3 LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandra-strawn-180557177/ ”

Sandra's Services (6)

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Original Piece Of Handmade Eco Art - Virtual
$20.00/hr - use up to 100% in points

Receive an original piece of handmade plant-based art that was created using various te...

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Data Entry | Customer Support - Virtual
$15.00/hr - use up to 100% in points

I have customer support skills that I learned from being a telemarketer for business-to...

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Spiritual Support - Virtual
$15.00/hr - use up to 100% in points

Talk with someone who understands your quest for spirituality...with A 5-D twist. I wo...

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Pine Needle Basket Making - Virtual
$15.00 - use up to 50% in points

I will encourage you and teach you how to make your own intuitive baskets from pine nee...

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Learn To Grow Vegan Leather - Virtual
$15.00 - use up to 100% in points

Did you know you can grow your own cloth-like fabric using a Symbiotic Colony of Bacter...

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Elementary School Tutoring - Virtual
$14.00/hr - use up to 100% in points

I can use video chat to tutor elementary school children, some subjects for middle scho...