Kyle N
Business Services, Mentoring
Seattle, WA

Communication Skills Builder | Sales Trainer

Description of this service:

If you are running face-to-face marketing, or person-to-person sales, and need training/education on basic sales/marketing strategy, I have 6+ years experience, including face-to-face non-profit fundraising at the National level and large ticket-item sales. Everything from setting-up a basic pitch, objections and how to overcome them, to rapport building, closing, and managing sales/marketing staff I can help set-up for yourself or your business. Was a national trainer for a company named on fastest 700 growing US companies, and have an expertise in helping small start-ups. Feel free to message me about what you may have a need for, and I’d be happy to get back to you. Thank-you for reading!

Additional details:
Price: $50.00 per hour
Helper is available: Monday and Tuesday morning/day
Duration of this service: At least 2 hour(s). Up to 8 hour(s).
Accepted payment in points: 50%
This helper is able to travel up to 25 miles from 98115
If checked, this service can be offered anywhere:

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