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Charlotte, NC
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About Carri

my name is carri williams and i am here to help with any household tasks or personal assistant needs such as home cleaning, organization, pet care, babysitting needs, senior care, etc. more

About this service

I understand how busy life can be and thats why I am here for any household needs you may have. ( Home cleaning and organization, pet care, babysitting, senior care, personal assistance, etc.) Prices vary depending on what the task is and how long it may take.

  1. House Cleaning : $125.00

    You get the basic house cleaning package including kitchen, living room, 1-3 bedrooms.

  2. Organization of rooms/closets : $50.00

    Organizing the home is a fun and tedious task. Prices vary depending on how much needs to be done.

Additional details
  Price: $50.00 - $125.00
  Helper is available: Monday-Sunday
   Accepted payment in points: 0%

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