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I have studied and practiced many spiritual facets and each time returned to Numerology and Runes. I continue to find new aspects to these divinations and test the validity of each before adding them to my practice. I have been a Numerologist for 4+ years, yet this is my first website affiliation. I use Numerology as a guideline of what was set and given at birth, as your full birth name and the date you were born, to connect and determine your personality, how you react to the world, and the life path you would best succeed. Numerology can be used as a predictive tool toward what may occur; as well as, descriptive of future dates that may affect you. I am studying a new off branch traditional Astrology, currently. more

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Your information at birth can assist you to learn, connect, obtain direction, and map out what categories you most likely will be dealing with any given day, month, season, year, and maturity sectors of your life. Numerology at its basis allows an individual to acknowledge how and where their balance is—internal and external, strengths and weaknesses, and to be a free will individual which is connected to universal energies.

  1. Life Mission, only : $5.98

    Life Mission is information derived from your Birth Certificate Name. It explains the purpose and how you naturally use your gifts/talents to activate your divine mission in life.

  2. Life Mission and What Drives Me? : $9.80

    "Life Mission and What Drives Me?" package will not only assist you with putting your life on a more natural path but also emphasizes what desires drive you on your mission. Inspiring you to make any necessary changes.

  3. "What's in a Name?" Destiny, Drive & Personality : $11.98

    I know the question is famous, yet the answer is true! Not only can your name clarify why you are here, and what drives you, but your birth name will also describe the outward personality, revealing attitudes and characteristics toward others.

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  Price: $5.98 - $11.98
  Helper is available: Mon - Fri 9a-5p, CST
   Accepted payment in points: 70%
This service is virtual and can be performed remotely and anywhere.

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