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About Matthew

I have been a freelance writer for more than 11 years. I have extensive experience writing everything from blog posts to play scripts and textbooks. I would be happy to produce one-off content for you or engage in a long-term arrangement.

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About this service

I provide freelance writing services for a variety of businesses and industries. I have covered thousands of topics from lawn care to stem cell therapy.

I will produce your content either on a one-off basis or a long-term schedule.

  1. Basic Post : $25.00

    A basic piece of content ranging from 500-1000 words with minimal research involved. Charged at $.05 per word.

  2. Long Form Content : $70.00

    Content at 1000+ words and up, requiring moderate research. Examples include feature articles, case studies, white papers, etc. Charged at $.07 per word.

  3. Special Projects : $100.00

    Special projects include e-books, video scripts, and other one-off jobs. I bill on a per-job basis after agreeing to the amount of work needed.

Additional details
  Price: $25.00 - $100.00
  Helper is available: Regular business hours
   Accepted payment in points: 0%
This service is virtual and can be performed remotely and anywhere.

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