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The onion network architecture of the darknet was originally developed by the military—the US Navy to be precise. Military, government, and law enforcement organisations are still amongst the main users of the hidden Internet. This is because ordinary internet browsing can reveal your location, and even if the content of your communications is well-encrypted, people can still easily see who is talking to whom and potentially where they are located. For soldiers and agents in the field, politicians conducting secret negotiations, and in many other circumstances, this presents an unacceptable security risk.

The darknet is also popular amongst journalists and political bloggers, especially those living in countries where censorship and political imprisonment are commonplace. Online anonymity allows these people, as well as whistle blowers and information-leakers, to communicate with sources and publish information freely without fear of retribution. The same anonymity can also be used by news readers to access information on the surface web which is normally blocked by national firewalls, such as the 'great firewall of China' which restricts which websites Chinese Internet users are able to visit.

Activists and revolutionaries also use the darknet so that they can organize themselves without fear of giving away their position to the governments they oppose. Of course, this means that terrorists also use it for the same reasons, and so do the darknet's most publicized users—criminals.

If you are intimidated by the pitfalls the Tor network can play host to, I will teach you how to explore/utilize the Darknet securely, safely and anonymously. I can also guide you on setting up a cryptocurrency wallet, purchasing and transferring bitcoin, PGP keys, encrypted communication and darknet market navigation.

Additional details
  Price: $100.00 per hour
  Helper is available: Sundays, Mondays, Tue-Sat after 5pm
  Duration of this service: At least 1 hour(s). Up to 6 hour(s).
   Accepted payment in points: 10%
This helper is able to travel up to 25 miles from 98663
This service is virtual and can be performed remotely and anywhere.

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