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About Leanna

I challenge people to feel the love of Autism.

With that as the intention, people are liberated into the present moment, and feel a love they never knew possible. more

About this service

You have come to me at this point if it is time to shake things up!

Your organization or School is at a point where people are saying phrases like "this is the ways things have always been done", people hate change, are slow to make changes, and sometimes feel like they are trying to undermine you. They really can't get on the same page as you, you feel like it's "murphy's law" where everything that can go wrong does go wrong, and you feel like you are always the one that needs to step up, save the day, and make the changes.

I'll be honest with you, you might need to be at a different job, but you have to have a conversation about why these things are happening before you move on or they will just follow you. The other option is that the changes will naturally start to happen on their own with out you having to "make it happen". It all begins with you.

I have an uncanny ability of seeing things behind people's relationships and how they interact in the work place. My previous Director called me the "Flashlight". I could see things that others couldn't. Sometimes the people who are giving you the hardest time, can teach us a lot about ourselves and/or they really want to move on as well, but they have their own reasons where they feel they can't.

You always have the option to do "The Manifestor's Guild" with me, but if you are in this situation and you are fed up and done with it, and want FAST changes within your organization, this service is where you can hire me to work within your company for a year, and by having conversations with people, I will be able to give you insights on what is really going on in the company, and maybe give these people permission to move on themselves. I will not share personal information about them, but getting to the core of what people are looking for.

This will completely transform your company to what vision and desire you started it out to be!

Reach out to me and we can set up a 2 hour coaching conversation to get you started and see what it would look like for us to work together for the year. It will be tailored to you and your team.

This is a monthly salary for a year. $7500 a month

I have 16 years experience working in multiple program settings. Most of the programs are with children centered programs, but I understand PEOPLE. My latest full commitment to a program I worked at an Outdoor School where I become one of the Program Leads and Director of one of the Summer Camp programs, while also being the Health Technician, EMT, Site Supervisor, and Special Event Coordinator. So I have experience supervising people and the capacity to have multiple issues happening at the same time, while bringing a calming presence. Some of my other experiences include working as a nanny (1 year), Instructional Assistant (2 year), Behavior Paraprofessional (3 years), traveled to South Korea with CISV with 4 eleven year olds, travel nanny in Hawaii for a family trip, created my own Social Skills year long group for children with all abilities called Friendship for All (1 year), inspired by Youth Drama for All, a group I volunteered with for 10 years as a drama coach and volunteer coordinator, Teen Ministry Leader (6 months), Sports Coach (3 years), and currently a Leader for People to People that bridges the gaps and brings peace through understanding across countries (first year). All of those experiences range ALL ages! Even currently, I am Life Coaching (2 years) adults! I have reached the full range 😃


Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies - National University

AA in Liberal Arts with Behavioral and Social Emphasis - DeAnza College

EMT (8 years) - Unitek

Certified Life Coach - Life Coach Training Institute

  1. I go where you need me to go and I tell you what you need to hear! : $7,500.00

    You hire me for the year, and we together tailor where in your company I would serve you best. We would do one on one coaching, brainstorming, and I'd have conversations with your employees as a coworker, running workshops, and one on one coaching.

Additional details
  Price: $7,500.00
  Helper is available: Monday-Fridays 9-5pm
   Accepted payment in points: 20%
This helper is able to travel up to 15 miles from 97034

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