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Brooke H

Happy Belly Personal Chef - Seattle, WA

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1) Earn 10% of the amount you spend back in points. You can use these $ for $ to save tons of money on other services.

2) Keep your money safe. All payments are held by the platform until the service is completed to your satisfaction.

About the service

Happy Belly = Happy Life

I am a plant-based chef with a desire to help you have more ease in your eating. 

By taking on the task of weekly meal preparation, I create space for you. 

When there is more space in your life, you will have the time to do things that make you feel more balanced and happy and satisfied. 

When you are nourishing your body every day with food that is vibrant, alive, and nutrient-rich, your body is at ease. Life is better. 

I help provide the space and body nourishment by working with you to create customized weekly meal plans and preparing healthful food for you and your people. 

I have a belief that, in this busy world, we need a support team to make our lives work.

Chef Services I provide are:

-Weekly or Bi-weekly meal prep

-Kitchen Flow and Organization Assistance

-Food Budget Strategy Consultant

-Grocery Procurement

-Meal Planning and Shopping Support

-Nutrition and Wellness Support

-Expertise in Meal Prep for Food Sensitivities Vegan/GF/Dairy Free/Paleo/Sugar Free/Raw

-Support with Harmful Eating Patterns

* Pricing is per week and based on my making meals for a week and dropping them off once a week. I ask clients to cover grocery costs in addition to paying for my time, energy, and travel.

* I invite you to message me to hear more details and we can negotiate a plan and budget that works for both of us.

Can be virtual: close
Price: $175.00
Availability notes: Weekdays
Duration: At least 3 hour(s). Up to 5 hour(s).
Accepted payment in points: 0%
Willing to travel up to 15 miles from 98144


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Melissa S

Brooke's cooking has become an invaluable part of our lives now and I don't know what I would do without it! To never have to worry about what's for dinner or if my kids will like what I'm making has made dinner time enjoyable again. It also greatly helps with reducing dish loads and kitchen cleanup. I'll continue to book indefinitely!

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Melissa S

Another winning week from Brooke and her delicious food! She is super open to feedback and working with us on crafting the ideal weekly menus. Having this service has saved me money, given me hours of my time back per week, and created so much harmony around meal times. I never have to figure out what food to make anymore!

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Jord S

Brooke's service of cooking wholesome, delicious, affordable food for our family of 7 has given us our life and time back. We used to go to the store almost daily, sometimes argue about what to make for dinner, and sit at the table after cooking for hours while we awaited our children's complaints about what we made. No more!! We now have an incredible dinner on the table in 15 minutes flat, we barely ever go to the grocery store, and the amount of food she made for us was so spot-on, we literally finished the last of it an hour before she brought us food for the next week. We even have enough delicious stuff to send with the kids to school. Brooke's personality is kind and warm-hearted. You can tell she cooks with love and joy and our whole family is happier now that we have discovered her gift of cooking.

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Melissa S

Brooke's service of plant-based cooking is a lifesaver! With extremely little effort, I messaged her the types of meals my family enjoys, the budget I had for food costs, and some other basic details and she figured out everything else on her own. Last night, I had dinner on the table in less than 15 minutes, it was actual good food (unlike the "TV dinners" I had been relying on too much lately), and even better, my kids enjoyed it! I don't know how she was able to sneak so many vegetables and nutrition into such a delicious meal (we had pasta with chunky sauce packed with veggies and TVP). Not only will Brooke's service make my life easier, but it will also save me tons of money on groceries since I won't be wondering the grocery isles every day figuring out what to make for dinner anymore. Can't wait to try everything else I got in my box for the week!