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Leesville, SC
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About Suzanne

I'm Suzanne. I live in Lexington, South Carolina and I find great joy in helping others. I have over 15 years of experience in housekeeping and I am also proficient in most clerical duties. I dont mind yard work, I'm able to lift 75 pounds or more and I'm familiar with yard tools. I can also help out with many minor home repairs. My experience comes from spending the past eight years flipping homes in my free time. more

About this service

Deep cleaning of your kitchen. In some cases, this requires more than one session.

My duties include, but are not limited to:

-Wiping down all solid surfaces (cabinets, walls, countertops, baseboards, sinks, appliances, vents, etc.)


-Reorganizing cabinets and cupboards


-So much more, ask.

  1. First cleaning : $100.00

    I will assess the area and go over my process with you. You can specify or change whatever you'd like.

Additional details
  Price: $100.00 per hour
  Duration of this service: At least 1 hour(s). Up to 8 hour(s).
   Accepted payment in points: 0%
This helper is able to travel up to 25 miles from 29070

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