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Shady Cove, Oregon
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About Chelsea

Hi! I am currently on maternity leave but would still like to at least work a little when I can to help out with the bills and not go stir crazy being at home. more

About this service

I can do miscellaneous jobs (mainly light work at the moment) including general labor jobs, light caregiving, pet care, shopping/errands, filing/organizing, and am tech savy. When you book with me we can go over the job details such as what it is, day, time, and payment.

  1. General labor : $17.00

    Depends on the job details such as what the job is and where.

  2. Shopping/errands : $17.00

    I will go out and do your shopping/errands for you with my own vehicle.

  3. Light Caregiving : $17.00

    I will provide light caregiving and household chores with also being a companion to chat with.

Additional details
  Price: $17.00 per hour
   Accepted payment in points: 15%
This helper is able to travel up to 18 miles from 97539

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