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I AM HOME Hiking Group!

Description of this service:

These are events that compliment my “I AM HOME” Group!

If you are part of the “I AM HOME” membership, 1 of the hikes is included!

Where: Mary S. Young Park West Linn, OR

Back Parking Lot Near the Restrooms (which are closed for now) and across from the dog park.

Rainy Day Back Up : Oswego Pointe Condominium Complex - Fireside Room - Lake Oswego, OR

Hoping to venture out as group grows! Would love to do half of the hikes Portland. Living life adventurously!

When you sign up for the first hike, you will become part of a "Group Me" (an app) "I AM HOME Hiking Group", where I will post all updates, if the location changes!

When: Every Friday Morning, 9:00am

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month, 2pm

On the 1st and 3rd Friday Children are welcome!

Who is Invited?!? Those who enjoy how Native Americans taught, grew, and honored the earth! If you love having conversations, spending time in nature, and growing spiritually, this is for you!

What happens on the hikes?

We start with a circle and do a short meditation, centering on the feeling of being HOME, knowing we have the power in EVERY moment to be home, whatever that means for you :). We will either be in celebration of how our life is like that or expressing what is not. Knowing that whoever we talk to, whatever we say, will match what we are looking for. It’s never about complaining or drama, it’s about sharing with the intention to release and realize that it’s not who you truly are! Only YOU know what you desire in your life right NOW! At the end I will ask if there is anything else you need and I close with a small meditation to solidify releasing what it no longer serving you and activating what you are looking for!

I am excited to do the hikes when children are present as well! I had the most spiritual growth when my baby was a newborn and I don’t know how many people can say that! It’s because I had a coach who was beyond flexible and knew how to roll with “distractions”. I would love to keep that tradition going and they can share their wisdom too!

I am a Certified Life Coach, 2nd Degree Reiki Healer, and have 15 years of experience working with children, ranging in all ages, and in such settings as, Outdoor Schools, Leading Backpacking Trips, EMT, Traveling with CISV to South Korea (Peace Education Group), Drama Groups, Coaching Athletics, Traditional/Montessori/Special Day Classrooms, Creating Social Skills Programs, and more. I love that this group brings all of my talents together!

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

Please send me a message if you have any other questions!

Additional details:
Price: $10.00
Helper is available: Every Friday Morning, 9:00am Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month, 2pm
Duration of this service: At least 1 hour(s). Up to 2 hour(s).
Accepted payment in points: 100%
This helper is able to travel up to 0 miles from 97068
If checked, this service can be offered anywhere:

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