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About Georgiana

I am an artist, student, and generally organized reliable person who can help you get organized yourself. I specialize in art-related tasks, am an excellent student who can provide tutoring services, and I'm even a licensed yoga instructor. Most importantly, I understand that no one wants to spend a lot of money on help (I'm a college student who can relate) so my services are inexpensive.

About this service

When you enter someone's home, one of the biggest signs of their taste is the art they hang. A well-done abstract or contemporary painting is a sign of wealth and style. However, most unique contemporary paintings sell for upwards of $300. If you want to own a contemporary work of art that is inexpensive and not from Ikea, look no further. I am a painter with a special interest in interior design and abstract art. I can paint you a custom piece for not much more than the price of a canvas. I specialize in marble painting and mixed media, but we can discuss any style painting to match your needs. Pricing is determined by cost of canvas+shipping(if applicable)+painting fee (determined by time I worked on a painting).

Note: I will only ship items that fit in USPS priority mail dimensions (I won’t ship any size that requires “balloon” pricing due to the unpredictable costs that go in hand with that).

You can choose the style of painting you'd like and if you have any inspiration in mind just let me know and I can work based off of that. If you want I can also do a mixed media painting for you, using things like newsprint/paper mache under the paint for that textured appearance or gold leaf for some extra detail and flair. These add-ons will cost a bit extra, but we can talk about the specific pricing. If you have any questions regarding this service please don't hesitate to ask!

The $10 hourly price reflects the painting fee for hours I've worked creating the actual piece. I am an honest seller and will never lie about timing. The hourly fee is also used for flexibility regarding canvas cost and shipping. Thanks!

Additional details
  Price: $10.00 per hour
  Helper is available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday evenings, Thursday afternoons, Friday and Saturday afternoons
   Accepted payment in points: 10%
This helper is able to travel up to 5 miles from 60605
This service is virtual and can be performed remotely and anywhere.

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