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Poulsbo, WA
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when the right mind is thinking of it.

About this service

Ever want to go to an event, go hiking, try out a new restaurant, or just need a plus 1 to go on random adventures? Well that's pretty much where I come in. I will be the partner in crime. Time is the best thing you can give someone and experiences and adventures are always better with another person. So if you need someone to go out and see what's around town or don't wanna go to an event alone, let a professional empath join you and make memories together or just accompany you as you discover things you wanna do on this earth.

$500 lunch/evening

$1000 events/full day

Additional details
  Price: $500.00
   Accepted payment in points: 25%
This helper is able to travel up to 50 miles from 98370


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