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Oklahoma City, OK
I'm available almost all the time with a little bit of a heads up
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About Ricky

My name's Rick and I'm a pretty handy guy. I've been the go-to guy for friends and family for automotive, home repairs, and other projects...

I can build about anything and have most all the tools to do it with...light plumbing and electrical as well...yard work, assembly, custom, metal roofing and repair...carport, shed, even painting and clean up...

Tv mounting, junk removal, furniture moving, heavy lifting, ceiling fans, doors - you name it, I probably can do it. If not, then I'll be honest and I'll probably know a guy...

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About this service

I'm your go-to handyman as I've got the tools and skills to do almost any of your handyman chores like TV mounting, door hanging, replacing garage door openers, fencing, furniture assembly, small engine repair, auto mechanic work, lawn maintenance...all types of things, I am willing to tackle them...

  1. Small : $60.00

    Small jobs like quick easy deals where I'm in and out in an hour or 2

  2. Medium : $100.00

    Anything that's gonna require me to be there for more then 2 hours or gonna be some degree of difficulty or require special equipment. I don't mind negotiations...I'm easy going and real easy to get along with

  3. Large : $250.00

    I would say a large job is one that either requires me to bring a helper or 2 as I have several good helpers... Or one that requires me to spend my whole day or several of them to get the job done... I am easy going so we can figure out a price. 😉

Additional details
  Price: $60.00 - $250.00
  Helper is available: I'm available almost all the time with a little bit of a heads up
  Duration of this service: At least 0 hour(s). Up to 6 hour(s).
   Accepted payment in points: 0%
This helper is able to travel up to 60 miles from 73119

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