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Zer-o’s - Featuring the Story of Brian Strawn

Description of this service:

This first box features the story of my very own brother, Brian Strawn. We are trying to help him raise the money to get to his doctor appointment in Stanford to help him treat, and find the cause, for his frequent seizures.

Get your *Limited Edition* box of Zer-o's before they go on sale to the public! Only 55 boxes TOTAL in this edition - no more will be made!

What's up with this box and zero-batch? Glad you asked! is a place for people to list unique services and experiences for others to book. Instead of going out and spending months trying to fundraise for our startup, we decided to be creative at funding our business while also sharing the stories from the online community we serve.

Zero-batch is a play on small-batch and all the other adjectives marketing experts use to entice shoppers to buy. People often feel good about purchasing products that have these adjectives so we thought we'd create the ultimate in small-batch. Zero-batch. You contribute to our cause, and in return, we won't create a product you don't want or need.

This 1st edition features the story of Brian Strawn, a 24-year-old man who has a rare undiagnosed disorder that causes multiple grand mal seizures per week. Half of the profits from this fundraiser will go directly toward the cost of getting Brian to his next appointment at Stanford this October.

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