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Seattle, WA
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About Elizabeth

Do you need something organized - your kitchen or closet perhaps? How about automated - need a way to easily get to "Inbox zero". What about communication - updated resume? Business plan or SOPs? Tell me your thoughts, I'll help you get it to the world. more

About this service

When you hire me to organize, we can tackle your closet, your kitchen or any other room you desire. I'll help you sort through old clutter and create a plan to keep things neat. Or maybe you need your electronic life (inbox, phone notifications) cleaned up. We'll sort through them together and build a system that will keep you streamlined and plugged in less.

  1. Organizational Assessment + 1 hr : $100.00

    This is the basic package. We'll spend about an hour assessing your situation, and creating a plan, then I'll get to work organizing for an hour and then give you the steps to maintain.

Additional details
  Price: $100.00 per hour
   Accepted payment in points: 10%
This helper is able to travel up to 15 miles from 98107

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