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I guide people from feeling overwhelmed and drained to feeling powerful, unstoppable, and that NO ONE and NOTHING can get in their way! more

About this service

Join me for a conversation that leaves you feeling better.

During a time of uncertainty, fear, and complexity, sometimes the best thing you can do is just feel better. This conversation gets you back to thinking clearly and taking care of yourself in order to serve more people.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, spread thin, depleted with responsibilities and wanting to help everyone and everything, I am your gal <3

This call will actually move you beyond feeling better, you will be left feeling amazing ;)

A few years ago, was one of the most stressful times of my life. I felt the responsibility of helping the School I worked for through a difficult time, staying extra hours at work and weekends, my daughter was a year old, I was trying to care for family members even when they didn't want the help, and tried to force things to happen that I felt like would help others. I ended up enjoying jury duty because it felt like an escape, but I was so stressed out, and depleted that I ended up with IBS and losing my gallbladder.

Sometimes we have to get really low in order to see what we are really doing to our bodies and our minds. Let's not get to that point. From those experiences I have learned so much about myself and what I do in stressful situations. This was brought to my awareness by my own life coach, and why now I still have mentors that can remind me to take care of myself so I can fully serve others.

How do you react to fear? Most know about fight or flight, but there is also "freezing" and "fawning". Sometimes we freeze to keep ourselves safe, and fawning is what I have to be aware of A LOT. I want to go out and help everyone and everything RIGHT NOW! I was already starting to do this, but we have to set up our "check engine lights" as if we are a car. What do we look out for? For me, cheese was my weakness! I would literally eat half a block a cheese a day with I was stressed! I would eat fast and take all of my stress to my stomach and I wasn't active.

So if you or someone you know would like to have someone to talk to about how you react to fear, what your check engine lights are, create a plan moving for taking care of yourself, and how you can serve others from a place of wholeness, please book this session or share with others! We can also just talk and have you feeling good <3 Up to you!

With love,


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    Conversation to lift your spirits.

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