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Richa P

Get Minute-to-Minute Accountability & Help from an Expert Coach

Description of this service:

I provide Fat Loss & Muscle Gain coaching over Facebook Messenger chat.

I help you get fit:

- Without starving.

- Without exercising all hours of the day.

- Without giving up your social life.

- Without the process taking over your life.

How I do this for you:

- In-moment restaurant suggestions.

- Personalized recipes & workouts.

- Minute-to-minute help & accountability.

- "Reverse Programming" - adapting your lifestyle incrementally to be healthier (instead of the popular 'fitting you into a templated program' approach).

-- MY STORY --

I have coached people who need an organic way to incorporate the right mindset and habits into their busy lives, all the way to people who need to overcome unhealthy relationships with food.

Before devoting my life to fat loss & gain muscle coaching, I myself struggled to feel happy in my body. Cramps and low energy were my constant companions.

At one point, not feeling like I could breathe, I went through several rounds with doctors who ultimately gave me a clean bill of health. The incident scared me into eating regularly, reducing soda, and being less of a workaholic.

But my journey had just started.

I tried the loudest stuff out there first - running, calorie counting, keto, paleo, and many others I can't even remember anymore. But these would last some weeks and then I'd give up.

I felt like a loser. Finally, exhausted by the constant cycles of trying and giving up, I decided to not replace my entire lifestyle all at once as all popular diets and workout programs said.

I instead started researching the Why behind everything and doing Reverse Programming instead - creating a nutrition & exercise plan which adapts my existing lifestyle incrementally to be healthier vs. trying to fit myself into an existing program.

This changed the whole trajectory of my fitness journey. Within a year, I had lost 7% body fat and I've kept it off for the past 6 years.

I swore that no one else should have to go through the misery of trying the wrong things or have to do it alone.

This is why I started my Fat Loss & Muscle Gain coaching service, Coach Viva.


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