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Los Angeles, CA

High Quality Photo Retouching & Editing

Description of this service:

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. I am a full-time photo retoucher, I am very meticulous about my craft and the content/edits I provide my clients with. Editing images in a timely yet thorough manner and able to meet deadlines promptly. Professional quality at an affordable rate!

Services I offer:

Photo Retouching/Correction

Image Enhancement.

Photo Manipulation

Product Retouching

Photo Restoration

Body Shaping/Slimming

Color Correction

Adding or Removing Object(s)/Other in Photos

Youtube Headers

Youtube Thumbnails

Product Mockups

Clothing/Fabric Designs






Social Media Graphics

& More

Experienced in but not limited to:

Photoshop, Illustrational Programs, Lightroom, Dreamweave & Other Related Software.

Reasonably priced, willing to work within your budget.

Basic prices:

-Photo retouching-:

Basic edits: $5 per image

Standard edits: $10 per image

Advanced (such as editorial, full body changes/enhancements etc) edits: $15 per image.

Approximate turn around times for basic edits (subject to change depending on project and quantity)

1-20 images 3hr-24hr

30-40 images 48hr

50-60 images 72hr

70 or more (please email for exact turn around)

All Graphics starting at: $10 (subject to change depending on design request)

For pricing on batch photo editing please email for further info, depending on how extensive the project is pricing may vary.



I look forward to working with you!

Thank you. Have a wonderful day

Additional details:
Price: $10.00
Helper is available: Daily
Accepted payment in points: 0%
This helper is able to travel up to 200 miles from 90212
If checked, this service can be offered anywhere:

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