Caleb C
Errands, Handypro
Seattle, WA

Furniture Assembly & Repairs

Description of this service:

Hi, I'm Caleb. I have built and repaired many pieces of furniture including dinner tables, benches, chairs, TV stands, entertainment centers, sidebars, side tables, coffee tables, stools, storage cube systems, desks, beds, nightstands, futons, computer stations, multi-tiered plant stands, etc. Some pieces have been original, but most have been bought in-store to build in the home.

Ask to see dome of my recent pieces and you'll agree the work is worth the price. Promising quality I prefer to charge a flat fee this way you know you're gettng what you paid for. Thr flat rates vary by piece starting at $45-$70 per piece., I also offer a discount for those with multiple pieces to be built. I believe in building a strong solid piece that you'll be able to appreciate for years to come. Wanting something original, lets discuss it and see if I can design a piece to let your needs

Check out my other serviced offer through the site. I look forward to working with you.

Additional details:
Price: $60.00
Helper is available: Mon-Thu 7am-9pm, Friday 7am-6pm, Sat/Sun 10am-5pm
Accepted payment in points: 1%
This helper is able to travel up to 15 miles from 98178
If checked, this service can be offered anywhere: check

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