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About Leanna

I challenge people to feel the love of Autism.

With that as the intention, people are liberated into the present moment, and feel a love they never knew possible. more

About this service

Who you are - A caregiver. Someone who leads with their heart, generous by nature. You are a visionary that works in a field for social, educational, or environmental change.

The dark sides of leading from your heart - Sometimes you feel like you need to be a martyr for others to succeed. You give so much that you feel depleted. You never feel like you are doing enough or guilty for not taking action. You know the capacity of your love for others and it doesn't always feel returned. It's feels like a constant battle to lead with your heart, because it takes longer to see the results sometimes.

By the end of a coaching session, you will feel empowered to keep leading from your heart! Over time you will learn that there is NO ONE and NOTHING that can deplete you. The love from your heart is infinite, and I will guide you in feeling that. You may have to put up some "boundaries" at first, but I KNOW that boundaries become a natural thing like breathing when you line up with the essence of who you are. You will be able to give more than you ever have, while taking care of yourself, and other's lives around you will start to surprise you :) You will know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Enough to cause a ripple effect of change, by simply BEING YOU! You won't be so focused on the change you are thinking needs to happen, because you will feel the difference and fullness that is around us more than we realize! You can only feel these things when you are ready to receive them and I will guide you in what is blocking that from happening.

Let's do this! Message me if you have any questions!


I have 16 years experience working with children of ALL ages in many different environments. I have 2 children of my own, 2 and 5 years old. Some of my experiences include working as a nanny (1 year), Instructional Assistant (1 year), Behavior Paraprofessional (3 years), traveled to South Korea with CISV with 4 eleven year olds, nannied in Hawaii for a family trip, Health Technician at an Outdoor School (7 years), Outdoor Recreation Leader (7 years in Summer), Director of Summer Camp with nature connection drive (2 years), Event Coordinator with Weddings and weekend groups (2 years), Lead Program Coordinator for Outdoor School (2 years), created my own Social Skills year long group for children with Special Needs called Friendship for All (1 year), inspired by Youth Drama for All a group I volunteered with for 10 years as a drama coach, Cabin Leader Advisor 1 year), Teacher Assistant (1 year), Teen Ministry Leader (6 months), Youth Soccer Coach (6 Months), and currently a Leader for People to People that bridges the gaps and brings peace through understanding across countries (first year). All of those experiences range ALL ages! Even currently, I am Life Coaching adults! I have reached the full range 😃

Education- Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and AA in Liberal Arts with Behavioral and Social Emphasis.

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    You want to be empowered to lead from your heart!

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  Price: $150.00
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Verified Reviews

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Melissa S
Within minutes of talking with Leanna, I knew I was connecting with an old soul. She is someone who has an uncanny way of almost speaking your soul and picking up on exactly what you need in the moment. I have met many people who have used the title of Life Coach, but I have never felt as heard and validated as I did in talking with Leanna. After our initial one hour phone appointment, I have decided to take a three month journey with her and see what we can manifest in our lives together! Can't wait :-)

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Sandra S
Recently I booked a session with Leanna to clarify my goals for the New Year and to drop some old baggage I have been carrying around for way too long. I instantly connected with Leanna and my soul recognized the look of love in her eyes, much the way my own mother, who I considered an enlightened being used to look. It is the look of love and the compassionate wisdom that Leanna possesses which makes her the real deal. It is rare to connect with an authentic individual who is traveling along the path, that is not bogged down by ego. She was genuine and came from a place of heart when communicating with me. Her spirit is a rare find in a broken world and we really need a community of Leanna's to lift each other up. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work on my personal growth with someone of her caliber and I know the right people will be called forth to continue her mission of light and love. Thank you for allowing me to receive this gift...

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Michelle H
Leanna is wonderful to work with.

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