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About Leanna

Do you want to be apart of an intimate group that meets weekly online that supports you compassionately, empowers you to live the life YOU WANT, and get to share/create life's magic with?!?

This is the group I created! Be apart of a powerhouse team that does not confuse success with sacrifice. It is possible to create what successful means to you and live it <3 Know that you are doing are NOT alone...and appreciate all that you have. This road WILL lead you to ALL of your hopes/dreams coming true and fulfilling whatever mission you feel like you are here to serve! We will be enjoying the journey all along the way!! more

About this service

What is Life Coaching?

What I love about Life Coaching is that it is different for every coach. I know that there is a coach/mentor out there for everyone. And I am searching for "My People" as Melissa would say :)

The reason I even struggle explaining it, is because the experience is sooo unique to each person! I am literally a different person to each person I coach and mentor, because everyone is looking for something different!

Coaching is ALL ABOUT YOU!! What do YOU need/want out of life? We set an intention together for your life, a feeling that you want to permeate throughout it! So as you talk about things that are going well in your life, and things you would like to see improve, I can pick up on what is holding you back, and will guide YOU by asking you questions, sharing stories in my life for you to relate to, and reflecting back to you how awesome you are!

Who "My People" look like/sound like. Again, I empower a lot of different people, so all of these might not fit you, but ONE might :)

You have a lot of areas in your life working well, but there is one area where you feel stuck!

You are starting a new business, and not sure how to go about it.

You feel like no one TRULY understands you.

You are intuitive, but would love to know how to deepen into that skill.

You are emphatic, but would love to stop being drained by others!

Would love to embrace the parts of you, your gifts, that others have always put you down for.

You are curious about "manifesting", law of attraction, is it real or something people have made up?

You have already started manifesting in your life, but would LOVE to manifest the BIG stuff!

You want deeper connection with yourself, spirit, or God.

You are curious about "letting go", but afraid and don't really know what that looks like.

You have always been the one who "keeps the family together", but you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Maybe your health is being affected.

You feel ALONE.

You so deeply care about others, but you find yourself trying to "fix" them all the time!

You are a planner, but really want to be more spontaneous! Fearful that if you don't plan, things won't work out!

You have always felt so confused on about where you are going in life, and you'd LOVE to find the clarity within.

You are already a spiritual leader, and are looking for ways to deepen into who you TRULY ARE!

You are wanting to FULLY surrender to who you are this year with unwavering FAITH!


If any of those called out to you and would you would love to gain some clarity around those areas in your life, we might be a good match!

You can message me if you would like to set up a 15 minute free call to see if we were meant to work together.

Here is my calendar for availability for “Discovery Calls” or if you know you’d like to book a session!

There are single sessions for 45 minutes and there is a 3 month session (biweekly or weekly calls) option. The single session is like igniting a spark and the 3 month call option is where you can set an intention for your life and have the support to give you the confidence that YOUR WAY WORKS! (Biweekly - $347, Weekly - $694 - Book Twice) See my other service for that option.

  1. Life Coach - Ignite a Spark within yourself! : $150.00

    What is Life Coaching? What I love about Life Coaching is that it is different for every coach. I know that there is a coach/mentor out there for everyone. And I am searching for "My People" as Melissa would say :) The reason I even struggle expla...

Additional details
  Price: $150.00
  Helper is available: Monday 9am-5pm Wednesday 9am-11am and 12pm-5pm Thursday 9am-11am Friday 9am-5pm
   Accepted payment in points: 20%
This helper is able to travel up to 20 miles from 97035
This service is virtual and can be performed remotely and anywhere.

Verified Reviews

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Melissa S
Within minutes of talking with Leanna, I knew I was connecting with an old soul. She is someone who has an uncanny way of almost speaking your soul and picking up on exactly what you need in the moment. I have met many people who have used the title of Life Coach, but I have never felt as heard and validated as I did in talking with Leanna. After our initial one hour phone appointment, I have decided to take a three month journey with her and see what we can manifest in our lives together! Can't wait :-)

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Sandra S
Recently I booked a session with Leanna to clarify my goals for the New Year and to drop some old baggage I have been carrying around for way too long. I instantly connected with Leanna and my soul recognized the look of love in her eyes, much the way my own mother, who I considered an enlightened being used to look. It is the look of love and the compassionate wisdom that Leanna possesses which makes her the real deal. It is rare to connect with an authentic individual who is traveling along the path, that is not bogged down by ego. She was genuine and came from a place of heart when communicating with me. Her spirit is a rare find in a broken world and we really need a community of Leanna's to lift each other up. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work on my personal growth with someone of her caliber and I know the right people will be called forth to continue her mission of light and love. Thank you for allowing me to receive this gift...

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Michelle H
Leanna is wonderful to work with.

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Michelle H
Leanna’s style of coaching is lovely. She guides you to look within yourself at what you truly need from life and provides useful tips of how you can remove what is blocking your growth in that direction.

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Michelle H
Leanna really helped me gain clarity in what I want and helped to identify the emotions that are holding me back.

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Michelle H
I would highly recommend working with Leanna. My session exceeded my expectations.

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Michelle H
Every time I meet with Leanna I come away feeling refreshed and inspired.

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Catherine W
"Wow. When she says "ignite a spark" she is not kidding. This woman will "get" you in literally minutes. I've been doing personal growth work for over ten years and I got one of the most profound insights I've ever had about myself after only one call. Book her now before her calendar is full and all of her rates go up."

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Michelle H
I was very comfortable talking to Leanna and felt great after our session.

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Michelle H
Leanna always knows exactly what I need to hear at each session.

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Michelle H
Leanna was wonderful to work with.