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Do you want to be apart of an intimate group that meets weekly online that supports you compassionately, empowers you to live the life YOU WANT, and get to share/create life's magic with?!?

This is the group I created! Be apart of a powerhouse team that does not confuse success with sacrifice. It is possible to create what successful means to you and live it <3 Know that you are doing are NOT alone...and appreciate all that you have. This road WILL lead you to ALL of your hopes/dreams coming true and fulfilling whatever mission you feel like you are here to serve! We will be enjoying the journey all along the way!! more

About this service

Live the life of your dreams and make the difference in the world you know you are meant to make!

I am looking for 4 more members for a POWERHOUSE MASTERMIND group!!

Here is a wonderful video to describe what a MASTERMIND GROUP is :)

This is for people who already have an inner drive for personal growth. They feel like when they heal themselves, they heal the world! This video mentioned what a Mastermind provides. One is a common goal. Our goal would be to bring ourselves and our own personal missions into alignment, no matter what that might look like. This is a group that empowers, supports compassionately, and explores life's magic together!!

This group is for you if:

You love doing things YOUR WAY!! You are most likely an entrepreneur who would rather be working with a team, but don't want to give away any of the creative power to create your business. Or you are a leader of a School or Program where it feels lonely on top where it feels like you are more trying to convince people of your vision.

What makes this group different: It is not a weekly lesson, learn, and go off and do. It is a practice in listening. Listening to your own guidance and your own steps of what to do next. We always start with a meditation on the feeling of being Home, and see how you are feeling that way in your life and not, then go from there. You are left with insights to fuel your productivity for the following week. I do not hold people accountable, because the people I work with, know the power and worth from these insights, their mission is strong enough, where they can't help but to take action.

And these are the people you would be working with. Those that genuinely care about your success as well. You don't have to keep giving into a group with nothing in return. You will make connections, that will baffle your mind that you could be that connected to someone that you have never met before. How can they be speaking about the same thing I was just going through!

Currently the people in the group has just done a lot of clearing! Emotionally and physically! So cleaning out closets, getting organized, leaving behind the feeling of being scared to take on these new roles that we have always dreamed of! It's like we are preparing for something!! Setting our foundation for all of the magic to flow in!

We have a balance of body, mind, and Spirit. Energy is first, paving the way, the mind helps to execute the action and sets up the framework to flow within, and keeping a healthy mindset and body only enhances all of this and our dreams becoming reality!

Please message me with any questions!!

Here are the logistical details:


Being apart of an Intimate Facebook Group called "I Am Home- Mastermind", where you will feel empowered, loved, and magical!!

4 Group Coaching Calls: (via zoom) Tuesday at 7PM PST

Three are facilitated by me, Leanna Meier, Certified Life Coach, and Second Degree Reiki Healer.

The third call of the month is led by a participant, sharing their calling. It may be practicing speaking their truth, doing an educational presentation, singing, doing a ritual, sharing about their business, lead a yoga instruction, whatever they want to shine their light brighter in a nonjudgmental supportive community.

I will be posting a minimum of 2 times during the month. One guided meditation, and an intuitively guided post that is relevant to the group! It is all about the present moment and what is calling us forward or asking to be healed NOW!

I will be interacting with the group, guidance if asked for, and sharing vulnerabilities in my journey as well! We are all in this together!

Looking forward to adding a retreat specifically for this group, but that will be created when we have the full group!

  1. I AM HOME - MASTERMIND Membership Group : $297.00

    Live the life of your dreams and make the difference in the world you know you are meant to make!

  2. Weekly “Check ins” : $347.00

    Via email/Messenger (Within 24 hour response time)

  3. Unlimited Access to Coaching : $597.00

    ADD Unlimited Private Messages on Messenger/Text/Email (Within 24 hour response time)

Additional details
  Price: $297.00 - $597.00
  Helper is available: Monthly Membership Fee
   Accepted payment in points: 20%
This service is virtual and can be performed remotely and anywhere.

Verified Reviews

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Melissa S
Being in this group feels so special and magical. As I go about life and business - rushing here and rushing there - it’s so comforting to know that I have a group that feels like home to me. Even better, it feels so amazing to know that I am already home in each and every moment should I choose. On yesterday’s group coaching call, I felt so weightless and alive, buzzing with infinite energy. Welcome - we would love to be “home” here with you as well <3

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