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About Leanna

Sometimes we don't know the reason, but there feels like there is a change coming. Our lives are going well, but know there is something missing. I love empowering people with clarity and helping them to let go of anything that is stopping them from having the life of their dreams! If you have always loved personal growth, see the value in it, please watch some of my videos to get a better feel for who I am and what I do! Thank you!

About this service

What are YOU wanting out of life?!?!

It is possible! This is a group experience where will all empower each other to get there and realize it is already here at the same time ;) Feeling HOME in every moment!

I have a deep sense of LOVE, profound PEACE, and fiery FREEDOM that I want to share with the world!

I share mine by coaching and healing. Others might share through music, rituals, educational presentations, yoga, whatever they want.

It's about strengthening the connection with our true Selves and sharing who we are!

We will lift each other up no matter where we are through compassion and joy!


Being apart of a Closed Facebook Group called "I Am Home", where you can be apart of a safe and expansive community!

4 Group Coaching Calls: (via zoom) Mondays at 4PM PST

Three are facilitated by me, Leanna Meier, Certified Life Coach, and Second Degree Reiki Healer. We start with a meditation of the feeling of being home, and continue with transformative conversations! We either celebrate how that feeling appears in our lives, or explore the disconnect from it. I guide people in activating their true Self and releasing anything that is not serving them, such as limiting beliefs and any suffering they are storing in their bodies. The answers come from within YOU, and that's why there is more of a free form call.

The third call of the month is led by a participant, sharing their calling. It may be practicing speaking their truth, doing an educational presentation, singing, doing a ritual, sharing about their business, lead a yoga instruction, whatever they want to shine their light brighter in a nonjudgmental supportive community.

I will be posting a minimum of 2 times during the month. One guided meditation, and an intuitively guided post that is relevant to the group! It is all about the present moment and what is calling us forward or asking to be healed NOW!

I will be interacting with the group, guidance if asked for, and sharing vulnerabilities in my journey as well! We are all in this together!

I will also add you to my Group Me account, so that if we do any outings, hikes, coffee, maybe some camping in the future, you are invited! Those events are just to connect, not at a cost or under the umbrella of this group. I end up really enjoying connecting with people in this group, so why not get together outside of the group!

When you enroll in the Coaching Packages, this membership is included!

Also, if you are part of this group you can add on a monthly one on one coaching call for $49 a month ($90 value)!

Additional details
  Price: $97.00
  Helper is available: Monthly Membership Fee
   Accepted payment in points: 20%
This service is virtual and can be performed remotely and anywhere.

Verified Reviews

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Melissa S
Being in this group feels so special and magical. As I go about life and business - rushing here and rushing there - it’s so comforting to know that I have a group that feels like home to me. Even better, it feels so amazing to know that I am already home in each and every moment should I choose. On yesterday’s group coaching call, I felt so weightless and alive, buzzing with infinite energy. Welcome - we would love to be “home” here with you as well <3

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