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Looking for anyone in need of auto repairs or maintenance done on your vehicle. Always looking for extra side work, but with a newborn baby and wife on maternity leave for 3-4 months could certainly use all the extra work I can get. Anything from basic maintenance and minor services such as oil changes, tune ups, brakes, fluid services, belts, and hoses etc to major repairs such as diagnostics, fluid leaks, wheel/hub bearings, cv axles, water pumps, and any other major repairs. I come from a family of mechanics and grew up around cars and working on them from the time I was a young kid. 10+ years experience professionally in the automotive service industry as a career (5+ years experience as a mechanic, 5+ years as a service advisor at the dealership level). Plenty of experience to know what I am doing and also enough experience to know when I’m in over my head and don’t know what I’m doing. (at which time I would refer you to someone who could help) I have references available if needed. I strive to provide quality work at a reasonable price and make sure all customers are beyond satisfied with the work completed. Contact me for estimates and/or to schedule a time for diagnostics, in person estimates, and repair. Serious inquiries only. Please don’t waste my time and I will not waste yours.

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  Price: $45.00 per hour
   Accepted payment in points: 25%
This helper is able to travel up to 100 miles from 37067

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