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Kirkland, WA

Practice Speaking English...ESL with me!

Description of this service:

Well, honestly I can say I speak maybe ten words in each of five different languages!! Yet I do wish I could speak more since I also LOVE TO LISTEN to the sounds of other languages!

I am not an ESL teacher yet I have been a volunteer with ESL groups/students so I have experience with folks from countries other than the USA...and I KNOW that speaking a language is TRULY the only way to LEARN to speak it!! Therefore, I am offering to have conversations with anyone who wants to practice speaking English!

In this situation, I will leave my fee up to my client since I am certain I will enjoy meeting and chatting with YOU, no matter what coins might be exchanged!

We can meet at a coffee shop or walk in the park while chatting or even practice online in a virtual's up to you! Just send me a message and let's get together, eh?? Looking forward to meeting you...

Additional details:
Price: $4.44 per hour
Helper is available: Being flexible is valuable in my world...let's find a time that works for both of us, eh??
Duration of this service: At least 1 hour(s). Up to 2 hour(s).
Accepted payment in points: 20%
This helper is able to travel up to 5 miles from 98033
If checked, this service can be offered anywhere: check

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