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Michael S
Landscaping, Cleaning
Kirkland, WA

Yard Work | Household Help

Description of this service:

I can help you with yard work like mowing your lawn, bagging up leaves, and trimming hedges. I am not a pro and don’t have my own equipment, but I like to help people and can take instruction well. I am a high school student so please be patient with me as I learn - I always put my best effort into everything that I do!

Additional details:
Price: $13.00 per hour
Helper is available: Saturday and Sunday or weekday evenings.
Duration of this service: At least 0 hour(s). Up to 7 hour(s).
Accepted payment in points: 100%
This helper is able to travel up to 10 miles from 98033
If checked, this service can be offered anywhere:

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1) Earn Karma P̅oints that you can use to save money on booking other services.

2) Keep your money safe. All payments are held by the platform until the service is completed to your satisfaction.


Molly C

Michael has such a positive attitude. He needed very little direction and he took initiative, taking a moment to check in with me because he wanted to stay on task. He was careful and respectful of items throughout the house. He didn’t mind when I would interrupt his project to help me with another project. He was flexible on timing and was able to stay an extra 30 minutes. I had added more projects because he was willing to help out. Michael provided me with much needed assistance on several light work home projects (organizing, moving items, recycle) all in preparation for home remodel. I’ll be asking Michael to assist on more projects in the very near future.

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Melissa S

Michael transformed our back and front yards from chaos into an organized and happy place. He worked tirelessly and went above and beyond our expectations, even organizing our yard toys that we have out for the kids. Great job, Michael!