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Dog Walker, Labor, Writer, and Advice

Eagle Harbor, Michigan
Tuesdays through Thursdays
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About Ashley

Hello everyone! I'm 26, my husband is 25. We're both eager to learn and help others. With the money we earn it will be put towards a baby that we plan to have in 1-2 years. The goal is at least 15k to start with.

About this service

I have owned various breeds of dogs throughout my 26 years owning up to 6 at a time. When I was young we had Husky Mixes. Now we have two Australian Shepherds.

My Husband will join me on this job, because I have a disability known as Epilepsy. (I just stare into space.) NO grand mal seizures. (Falling on the floor, twitching ones.) My seizures don't appear often, but I'm going for a device named "RNS"

My husband loves to clean and to do yard work (labor) but Cannot do heavy lifting.

I'm a writer, if you need help writing or spelling things, by all means I'm their to help! I'm savvy with technology too.

I'm also willing to give advice, and be an ear to listen. I've been called an "old soul." Many times.

Additional details
  Price: $14.00 per hour
  Helper is available: Tuesdays through Thursdays
   Accepted payment in points: 5%
This helper is able to travel up to 40 miles from 49918

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