Joanne T

Housekeeper | Top-to-Bottom & Wall-to-Wall - Bossier City, LA

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1) Earn 10% of the amount you spend back in points. You can use these $ for $ to save tons of money on other services.

2) Keep your money safe. All payments are held by the platform until the service is completed to your satisfaction.

About the service

I will do the following:

-Collect all bed linen and laundry and begin the wash

-Clean all vents and light fixtures

-Dust fans, walls, cabinets, and all shelves

-Clean the bathroom including scrubbing the sink, tub, shower and toilet

-Sweep, vacuum, and mop the, floors

-Clean the kitchen including scrubbing the stove, microwave, and cleaning under the toaster and coffee machine, disinfecting counters, wiping down the fridge and cabinets, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming

-Clean all other rooms including dusting everything, picking up stuff and organizing the best I can, and do the


-Make the beds

-Re-check the entire house

Can be virtual: close
Price: $20.00 /hour
Availability notes: Everyday 10-7
Accepted payment in points: 10%
Willing to travel up to 20 miles from 71112


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