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Charlotte, NC
Sunday-Saturday 10AM - 6PM Hours change during summer months
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About this service

I have worked in cleaning for most of my life. I have done it personally and professionally. I finally decided it was time for me to do something for myself and start my own business. Here is what I do for you - it includes: dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors in all rooms. Cleaning the bathrooms, including mirrors, toilets, showers and baths. Cleaning the kitchen, including wiping down appliances, counters, sinks and cabinet doors. Washing and drying dishes and putting them away. I will also do laundry providing they are pre-sorted.

Additional details
  Price: $30.00 per hour
  Helper is available: Sunday-Saturday 10AM - 6PM Hours change during summer months
  Duration of this service: At least 2 hour(s). Up to 6 hour(s).
   Accepted payment in points: 25%
This helper is able to travel up to 20 miles from 28204

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