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About Dustin

I am an independent professional full-time graphic designer based in Seattle, WA, with 15+ years experience in customer service, 7+ years experience in design, and looking to expand professionally as a designer. I provide quick turnarounds, use strict scheduling and fluid communication, and uphold my promise of “no cookie cutter” designs as my aesthetic is consistently evolving with each client and brand. Graphic design should be fun, so let's have some fun!

About this service


- Logos & Branding

- Marketing Assets (Brochures, Business Cards, Post Cards, Infographs, etc.)

- Publications (Booklets, programs, etc)

- Presentations (PowerPoint templates)

- Motion Graphics (GIFs)

- Merchandising & Product Displays (Photoshopping logos, textures, etc onto merchandise for product displays, marketing, etc.)

- Large Print like banners

- Photo re-touching


- 7+ Years Experience in Design (Both Graphic and Theatrical).

- Adobe Creative and Microsoft Office proficiency.

- Marketing background: In-store retail, social media, digital media, email, paper, mail, etc.

- History background: I am skillful in the art of "research". I will research each client's story, audience, etc. before beginning a project! I want to tell YOUR story!

- Presentation experience: I am not afraid of a crowd!

- 15+ years customer service experience


I am passionate about providing you designs specific to YOU. I don't simply copy & paste "cool design" styles. Your designs will always tell YOUR story, not someone else's.


I use strong scheduling to allow blocks of hours for each client. I want to stay focus on your project and your project only! I also keep you up to date daily! I use fluid communication and expect all my clients to do so as well. I want you to always feel like you're in the loop!


I love working with my on-going clients! Telling your story through design once is great! But I love it even more when I can invest more time in your success! Reach out to me for future projects!


- 3-5 Initial Drafts

- Unlimited Revision Requests (UpWork client exclusive)

- Final Logo in PNG/Vector format

- Final Logo in EPS format (Great for printing on clothing/banners)

- All White and/or All Black and/or Grayscale versions (when applicable)

- 1 Page Logo Style Guide (VERY important for future logo/branding/marketing needs)

Additional details
  Price: $25.00 per hour
  Helper is available: Anytime
   Accepted payment in points: 25%
This helper is able to travel up to miles from 98101
This service is virtual and can be performed remotely and anywhere.

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