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Kent wa
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About Patricia

We are a family owned and operated business we do tree removal,stump grinding, tree and Bush trimming, lawn Care and much more we are fully insured and licensed

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About this service

When you book us for tree service and or lawn care we will come to your place for a free estimate first and we can help with in your budget

  1. Tree service : $1.00

    From the safest to Dangerous tree removal size does not matter. Over 20 yrs of experience.

  2. Pressure washing : $1.00

    We can wash your concrete sidewalk, front door garage Etc.

  3. Lawn Care : $1.00

    Mow yard, Edge, weed control, trim bushes, rake flower beds, blow front doors and debris out we will make your lawn look amazing.

Additional details
  Price: $1.00
  Helper is available: Any day no sundays
   Accepted payment in points: 0%
This helper is able to travel up to 60 miles from 98032

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