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The “COMMUNITY” Investor”

Greetings, my name is Doris Jeffries and I am all about Community! 
I have been a Realtor in Virginia for more than 10 years and have always loved how this career allows me to do what is near and dear to My Heart~HELP PEOPLE. I am very Passionate about engaging with people in every form; children, teens and adults, which elevates the focus to joy and happiness as my driving force. I am also the Founder and CEO of a Non-Profit Organization, Fertile Ground Homes Inc., which was created to use real estate to eradicate homelessness. Our motto is “Every Community deserves a Home where families and individuals can learn to excel and grow together in love”. As a unique Donation tool, we educate donors about our Charitable Giving of Real Estate Program, which allows many homeowners to receive a tax deduction when donating property to my Non Profit. Lastly, I am also the Founder and CEO of FGH Property Solutions LLC, which specializes in solving complicated real estate investment situations, providing innovative and realistic options for clients throughout the DMV Metro Area. As a dedicated Realtor, along with my EXP Realty LLC AARE Team, I am able to use creative solutions for each real estate transaction to succeed with exemplary results. My energy is fortified with compassion, professionalism, eXperience and eXpertise, which will eXplicitly exceed Your eXpectations! Please enjoy a visit to my site: and eXpect to have the most Wonderful Day!

“Let's Create Something Great Together!”

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