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Macomb, MI.
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About Antoinette

Hello my name is Antoinette. I am trying to become a helper. I am willing to help with a wide variety of tasks. Any thing I am capable of assisting with, I am willing to assist with. Some of my skills are childcare, pet care, errands, laundry, housekeeping, organizing, writing, companionship, advice, entertainment, and more. I am hardworking, cooperative, and willing to go the extra mile to preform each task with proficiency. I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am also willing to travel up to 100 miles, but there will be a fee to recompense gas. I set my prices to 15 an hour but that is negotiable. It all really depends on the job and the location. Also, if you don't have the greatest financial situation, I am understanding of that and will offer my service at a discount. You can send me a message letting me know what services you need and such, then we can discuss a price before you decide to hire me. Hopefully we can come to an agreement, but if not it won't be set in stone yet so you have no obligations and opportunity to look elsewhere. I promise if you hire me as a helper, you will not be disappointed. more

About this service

Looking to make some extra cash! I am available for babysitting, housekeeping, laundry, running errands, and whatever takes some things off your plate. You can count on me!

  1. Custom : $20.00

    All of my services are custom to what you are looking for.

Additional details
  Price: $20.00 per hour
   Accepted payment in points: 50%
This helper is able to travel up to 25 miles from 48044

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