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For the past decade and some I've been building my reputation as a builder and highly competent handyman. Currently I have ongoing construction/maintenance agreements with The Oasis Nightclub and Cabaret Show, Edison Charter School, The Nob Hill Masonic and for apps like TaskRabbit, Handy and ThumbTack. For these handyman apps I have been doing odd jods like office work, filing, data entry, assemble IKEA items, repairing appliances and assemble/repair equipment. These handyman apps also put me in contact with property management companies that have me flipping rentals for new occupancy and/or improvements/maintenance which I have been doing a lot of lately. With short notice I would be given an address and a weekend to repaint all walls and trim, service appliances, repair sheetrock, clean, repair or replace flooring and deep clean until it gets that new car smell.

In my deeper past I was a firefighter for CalFire, USDA Forest Service, Natural Disaster Responder, Ranch Hand and Lifeguard. I enjoy helping people in anyway I can.

Nowadays I just want to help by making your home more homie.

For fun check out my people/professional skills


Thee Lynx Construction

Thank ya kindly for your consideration,

From Patterson's Project

Ryan Patterson

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  Price: $100.00
  Helper is available: Any
  Duration of this service: At least 1 hour(s). Up to 4 hour(s).
   Accepted payment in points: 1%
This helper is able to travel up to 10 miles from 94109

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