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Helping others is something that means alot to me.    SAVE

Henderson KY
Mon.,Tues.,Wed.,Fri., and Sat.
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About Stephanie

Hello, I would be happy to help with duties such as, running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning, taking care of pets, rides to appointments or Doctor visits, lifting up to 75 lbs., deliveries, filling out documents or paperwork, and organizing things. Feel free to call ahead of time so we can talk or we can meet face to face first if you are more comfortable with that. more

About this service

When you need a helping hand, a ride to the Doctor, Grocery shopping, help cleaning, lifting, or organizing, I will be there. If you need help with your pets or someone to help you fill out paperwork or documents, I will be there. Feel free to call so that we can meet before you decide that I can be the right person. I look forward to helping you have a better, productive day!

  1. Basic duties : $12.00

    Help with Basic things that need to be done each day or even periodically. Cleaning, dishes, laundry,sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, taking out trash, etc.

  2. Basic: : $10.00

    Deliveries, Running Errands for or Driving someone.

  3. Basic : $8.00

    Pet Care or help with filling out paperwork

Additional details
  Price: $8.00 - $12.00 per hour
  Helper is available: Mon.,Tues.,Wed.,Fri., and Sat.
  Duration of this service: At least 1 hour(s). Up to 4 hour(s).
   Accepted payment in points: 50%
This helper is able to travel up to 20 miles from 42420

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