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Do you want to be apart of an intimate group that meets weekly online that supports you compassionately, empowers you to live the life YOU WANT, and get to share/create life's magic with?!?

This is the group I created! Be apart of a powerhouse team that does not confuse success with sacrifice. It is possible to create what successful means to you and live it <3 Know that you are doing enough..you are NOT alone...and appreciate all that you have. This road WILL lead you to ALL of your hopes/dreams coming true and fulfilling whatever mission you feel like you are here to serve! We will be enjoying the journey all along the way!!

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About this service

I have always had a knack for creating experiential games and taking “old” games and theming to what a child has wanted!!

If you need a game for anything, I can create it!

This service is an hour consultation for whatever you are looking for...

A BIRTHDAY PARTY that you are planning. I can create the games with you and your child’s desired theme, type up the games and send to you. I can also help you schedule the event to have a nice flow. We could also discuss options on me being at the actual event running the games, me completely hosting the event, the possibilities are endless!

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL SKILLS - I would LOVE to brainstorm with any Teacher/Principal/Director/Homeschooling Parents on how to create a curriculum of experiential games to solidify those skills you are desiring for your children. Maybe there is something missing with the program you already have, or you are looking for more new and innovative ideas! The reason I don’t have my own curriculum is because I know how important it is to brainstorm with the leaders so that it aligns with THEIR vision and culture!

PLAY DATES - If you have young children and you get together with some Moms/Parents groups and you would just love for someone to lead games with the children and the park while the parents have some time to socialize, I’m there! We can just discuss the age ranges, interests, and what you are looking for.

SPIRITUAL/NATURE CONNECTION GAMES AND ACTIVITIES - If you already have a spiritual/environmental curriculum and looking for activities or games to match the lesson, that is one of my BIGGEST loves! I would be absolutely HONORED to create those!

For all of these possibilities, it’s a free call to see if we are a good match, then it’s the first hour consultation of finding out your needs, solidifying what I can provide, and from there we would discuss how to proceed.

My services will always be the $90 an hour. Yes, it’s THAT worth it!

I have 16 years experience working with children of ALL ages in many different environments. I have 2 children of my own, 2 and 5 years old. Some of my experiences include working as a nanny (1 year), Instructional Assistant (1 year), Behavior Paraprofessional (3 years), traveled to South Korea with CISV with 4 eleven year olds, nannied in Hawaii for a family trip, Health Technician at an Outdoor School (7 years), Outdoor Recreation Leader (7 years in Summer), Director of Summer Camp with nature connection drive (2 years), Event Coordinator with Weddings and weekend groups (2 years), Lead Program Coordinator for Outdoor School (2 years), created my own Social Skills year long group for children with Special Needs called Friendship for All (1 year), inspired by Youth Drama for All a group I volunteered with for 10 years as a drama coach, Cabin Leader Advisor 1 year), Teacher Assistant (1 year), Teen Ministry Leader (6 months), Youth Soccer Coach (6 Months), and currently a Leader for People to People that bridges the gaps and brings peace through understanding across countries (first year). All of those experiences range ALL ages! Even currently, I am Life Coaching adults! I have reached the full range 😃

Education- Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and AA in Liberal Arts with Behavioral and Social Emphasis.

You can pick and pull from any of these experiences that might fit your needs! I am open to anything and everything that is related to what I have done and who I am!

Bringing fun and/or transformation through games!

Please reach out to me if any of this has interested you!

  1. Games Guru! : $90.00

    I have always had a knack for creating experiential games and taking “old” games and theming to what a child has wanted!! If you need a game for anything, I can create it! This service is an hour consultation for whatever you are looking fo...

Additional details
  Price: $90.00 per hour
  Duration of this service: At least 1 hour(s).
   Accepted payment in points: 20%
This helper is able to travel up to 15 miles from 97034
This service is virtual and can be performed remotely and anywhere.

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