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Marine On St.Croix MN
Anytime 3pm-10pm
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About Joseph

21 year old college student. Lots of Landscaping and Moving experience. Can do a wide variety of other tasks and jobs as well. more

About this service

Will go the extra mile to make sure your task or jobs is done exceptionally. Will make sure results are shown with trainings as well.

  1. Sports Training : $25.00

    Will work with person from anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. Multiple sets of drills and conditioning work to make you excel in given sport/activity

  2. Landscaping : $20.00

    Can pretty much do whatever landscaping task required so as long as I have the materials provided. Over 4+ years experience

  3. Variety of tasks : $20.00

    Can do any type of heavy lifting, companionship, some computer work, errands, delivery, transportation. Will Excel in any given task

Additional details
  Price: $20.00 - $25.00 per hour
  Helper is available: Anytime 3pm-10pm
   Accepted payment in points: 25%
This helper is able to travel up to 15 miles from 55047

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