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Advice On Giving Birth Without an Epidural

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I would like to answer any questions you have about what it's like to give birth with no epidural or pain medication. This is perfect for people considering this option but who have questions that only an experienced person can answer or for people who are maybe afraid or hesitant and just really want to get a real-life description of what to expect. I do not have anything against people choosing the birth experience that works for them...I simply just want to offer my experiences to help others make the best decision for themselves. I can meet near Kirkland, WA or we can talk via video chat.

I have give birth four times, including to twins ten minutes a part, and have never had pain medication or epidural medication during labor or delivery. I chose this for myself because I wanted to be fully present and aware of exactly what giving birth felt like. I also wanted to be able to walk around without an IV.

Giving birth hurts. A lot. But it is manageable and I have found that the process seems to go faster and involves less intervention/complications when you do it naturally as opposed to with pain medication or an epidural.

I have found that doctors and nurses have not been very supportive of my desire to have the most natural birth possible and this is very frustrating! Even after making my wishes known, they repeatedly asked me if I wanted pain medication and even tried to make me feel guilty by saying that it wasn't fair to my mom that she had to see me in so much pain. But to each their own! I encourage you to have the exact kind of birth that you envision for yourself and am here to help you explore all of the possibilities.

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