Thalmayad H

Personal Companion Agent. Norfolk, VA

Description of this service:

I have been a Personal Companion Agent for the mass majority of my life. I will be the one to help you with any of the things that are difficult for you to do by yourself. I'm a great listener, friend, cook, and entertainer ganraunteed to keep you smiling, laughing, feeling joyful, and in good spirits. My motto is "If you die on me, I'mma kill you!" I am a good spirited person with an awesome personality. A man of Faith.

Additional details:
Price: $300.00
Helper is available: Frday and Saturday afternoons
Duration of this service: At least 4 hour(s). Up to 7 hour(s).
Accepted payment in points: 25%
This helper is able to travel up to 15 miles from 23504
If checked, this service can be offered anywhere:

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